Sundays for kids at Summit Church is Summit Kids.

At Summit Church we love kids! Our children’s ministries are run by a fantastic team who consider it a real privilege to serve the kids of our church community. We want Summit Kids to be a place where kids of all ages mix and look out for each other. The church is the family of God and we want Summit Kids to feel like family, a home away from home where children feel safe and confident to adventure together and care for one another.

Each weekend your children can be part of a fun, safe and nurturing environment which teaches the truths and stories of the Bible at an age-appropriate level. We are very aware that our children are the future of the church and therefore we aim to provide exciting programmes that are real and relevant to their lives today.

Our children’s programmes are divided into four groups:


Discovery Den (for children aged 0 -3)

Discovery Den (for children aged 0 -3)

Little people are always discovering new things – like to use their bodies to move and do new things, how to eat, how to speak, how to crawl, walk and run, and how to play well and interact with others.

In Discovery Den we want to help kids make the awesome discovery that God created them and designed them to do all of these things. We want them to know that God things they are very special.

PLEASE NOTE: Children in this age group are dropped off to the Den by their parents before the adult service starts. They spend their Sunday mornings cared for, nurtured and introduced to God by our awesome Discovery Den team. We request that parents come back and pick these children up at the conclusion of the service. Children are welcome to stay in the Den beyond age 3 if they are most comfortable there, however, once they turn 3 they are welcome to move out of the Discovery Den and join the other Summit Kids. Please let us know what you think is best for your child when they reach their 3rd birthday.

Wonder Woods          (for children aged 3 -5)

Wonder Woods (for children aged 3 -5)

Wonder is both:

(n) a feeling of amazement and admiration, caused by something beautiful, remarkable, or unfamiliar.
(v) the desire to know something; feel curious

At Summit Church we know God is worthy of our wonder! In Wonder Woods we will build on what the kids have learnt in the Discovery Den and instill them with wonder for our amazing God, so that they might both feel the amazement and admiration that he deserves, and be curious to learn about Him and know Him more.

Once children start school they are able to join the Pioneer Point group. However, if your child is starting school in Year 0, we would encourage them to stay in Wonder Woods until they reach Year 1. Please feel free to chat to Mel Palmer about this when your child reaches this age.

Pioneer Point (for school years 1 – 4)

Pioneer Point (for school years 1 – 4)

Pioneers are explorers and adventurers – on a journey to discover new things and new places. They are the first people to make exciting new discoveries.

While we know the kids in Pioneer Point won’t be the first to discover God or learn about him, we want to instill that same sense of adventure on their journey towards and with God. That they might feel the same excitement a pioneer would when they discover new things about God. Pioneer Point will help kids explore what it means to follow Jesus and encourage kids to seek an adventurous journey with their awesome creator.

Ranger Rapids (for school years 5 and 6)

Ranger Rapids (for school years 5 and 6)

Rangers are people who look after parks and nature, and people. They are guides. They care. They are informed and wise.

In Ranger Rapids, we want kids to continue to build on the wonder, curiosity, and the sense of adventure we hope they’ve already developed in Summit Kids and teach them how to use the information they have wisely – to inform their lives and to inspire them to serve others. We want to ensure they have the skills to use the tools God has given them well. We want to model and encourage servant hearts, and give our Ranger Rapids kids opportunities to care for and serve others. We want to pass on skills to help them be observant, to see needs around them and to encourage confidence in them to serve in the ways God has shaped them.