Summit Community

 “Many people today are on a solo journey with God, even though they attend a church. Rarely do people in churches see intentional relationships as a vital component of their spiritual growth.” (Mindy Caliguire).

At Summit Church we talk about four types of community:

Traditional small groups that meet regularly over a long period of time. Groups tend to be less intense in terms of preparation and longer in terms of time-frame (often together for years).

Mentoring relationships either between older and younger, or mutual mentoring between pairs (which also includes a marriage mentoring option). Mentoring generally happens over a medium timeframe (we suggest 1 year), and can either involve study options or reflective questions.

These are short-term intensive learning opportunities such as one-off seminars, short courses, or book clubs that discuss a book they read at the same pace.

Our serving teams are another good way to grow together, as a team of people serve, lead and pray together.

To find out more, you can download the Intentional Community Booklet or email our Worship & Groups Pastor, Robin Byrne

Download Intentional Community Booklet  Email Robin Byrne